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A blog about my life, study and work. I'm a java programmer in Wuxi, China. I also use python and linux a lot.



This plugin lets you select the nearest text object in normal mode by just pressing <ENTER>. It’s very simple but has already made things easier.

For example, if I need to select something within parentheses and change it, but for I would do ci( to change what’s i the parens, but now I just press <ENTER>c to do the same thing. Works on strings and other text objects too.


How To Get Rich

* Be really good at something
* Write a lot about what you are good at
* Increase your own influence
* Think of a way to earn money from above

CSV import with PostgreSQL


Importing data is one of the tasks I like the least. It requires to write messy code and it will inevitably be really slow, maybe too slow to be viable.

A good approach in these cases is to rely as much as possible on the database engine using a temporary table to store the CSV content and then…